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What is 'new macrobiotics'

In the seventies macrobiotics inspired us to change our lives. The effects on our personal well-being and the impact of the yin-yang philosophy kept us curious, eagerly wanting to learn more and more. As life goes we started families, raised children and gradually began to spread macrobiotics in our regions through teaching and businesses. We travelled to the U.S., Japan and other countries to learn with inspiring teachers and meet other cultures. Everything changes constantly and so has the world since 1970. Organic food is a growing industry and consciousness on health and healthy lifestyles is now very popular. Macrobiotics has been one of the pioneering movements in search for a better, healthier and more peaceful world. Georges Oshawa has been the pioneer introducing macrobiotics in the 50ís and 60ís in the U.S. and Europe. He has written numerous books of which the ĎZen Macrobioticsí became quite famous. He has often been misunderstood; the world was not ready yet to see a peaceful revolution through changing your mind and by means of changing your diet.

Michio Kushi has been one of the leading macrobiotic teacher. For over 40 years he has been teaching the basics of macrobiotics based on scientific data in his same friendly manner all over the world. His work has been recognised by the United Nations and The Smithonian Institute. (More info on his website: www. From these teachings many centres and many great teachers emerged thoughout the world. In the sixties and seventies macrobiotics was one of the countermovements that was very succesful with the young generation who wanted a better world. As macrobiotic ideas gradually found their way into society, the movement itself seemed to slow down, yet locally many projects kept growing. Some heavy criticism of the macrobiotic diet by scientists created a negative atmosphere and some people rejected the diet as too austere, even dangerous. This austerity was more the result of their limited interpretation of the diet than the diet itself. In our day and age the things that donít work well speak out louder than the things that work well. Thatís why all the positive effects thousands of people experienced who healed themselves and have succeeded in leading better, healthier and happier lives, got ignored or swept under the carpet.

The narrowing down of macrobiotics to a diet, instead of a lifestyle that incorporates education, culture, philosophy and religion has been based on a lack of understanding and objective scientific research. Macrobiotics, being the study of the universal laws of nature is needed now more than ever to help understand the numerous problems in this world. New macrobiotics means that the macrobiotic movement as such has grown out of its initial mistakes, shortcomings and unrealistic expectations but it kept the intrinsic values of the wonderful teachings of the macrobiotic principles in our heart and consciousness. Macrobiotics keeps its Ďbeginnerís mindí but it doesnít keep its beginnerís practice. In this spirit it wants to give this incredible movement a new forum for meeting, discussing, disagreeing and listening to each other. That is a project of aims at bringing people together within the macrobiotic community, as well as in other groups in society working for a better world. Looking back the movement neglected to deepen our social networks. Now is the time to go into discussion with scientists, educators, politicians, doctors as well as with the many people working and teaching in complementary health systems such as Ayurveda, Tibetan medicine, vegetarian and whole food cooking.

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Come and join us in one of our activities! Meet others who have made a difference: Those who created succesful businesses, who teach shiatsu in secundary schools, as well as those who created wellness programs.Meet the inspiring people who offer macrobiotic cooking in homes and schools, those who teach through the Internet, and those who set up yoga and fitness training in companies. We are looking forward to an exciting and stimulating dialogue!


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