Oost West Centrum Rotterdam

Orientation Evening Professional training
Wednesdag evening 12th of September 2007 19.00 - 21.00

Professional training for the who want to deepen their knowledge so as to enter a professional career in :

Shiatsu therapist (5 years)
Natural foods cook (3 years)
Natural foods advisor (5 years)
New! Entrepreneur / Manager in organic food business (2 years)

For more information:
info@ooswestcentrum.nl or tel. (0031) 10 - 413 55 44

New training-program "Entrepreneur / Manager in organic food business"
Start Oktober 2007

Two years professional training course for people who want a leading roll in the fastest growing sector of the food business: Organic Food. In the organic food business the entrepreneur or the department manager has an important function. He or she is the most important link between the consumer and the producer / wholesaler. For the costumer in the shop, he or she is the issue of information of confidence about the distinction and quality of organic products. The fast growing of the organic market makes professional fulfilment of this function even more important. This profession has a big future. The training-program offers you all the necessary skills and information; at you to bring in the right motivation.
info@ooswestcentrum.nl or tel. (0031) 10 - 413 55 44

De Internationale Shiatsu School Belgie
For more info about the "Summer" of Antwerpen: visit www.issshiatsu.be

De Natuurlijke Kookschool Belgie
Weekend seminar: Upbringing and Nutrition 13th and 14th of May in Vremde, Belgium
Program and more info: visit www.denatuurlijkekookschool.be

Soon we will offer you some interesting links from related organisations all over the world.


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