Oost West Centrum Rotterdam
East West Centre Rotterdam

The Oost West Centrum- (East West Centre Rotterdam) is part of the environmental friendly shopping mall called DE GROENE PASSAGE- (The Green Passage) which host an ecological natural food supermarket, eco furnishings and paint, Oxfam shop, Bookshop and an organic restaurant and café.
We offer a broad program of educational activities to study a natural way of life, inspired by macrobiotic teachings.
What we offer:
A. A range of different lessons, changing every 6 months: Food and Cooking, Shiatsu, Massage, Movement and Breathing, Healing, Dance and Expression, Yoga, Meditation, Workshops and Lectures.
B. Professional training for the who want to deepen their knowledge so as to enter a professional career in :
• Shiatsu therapist (5 years)
• Natural foods cook (3 years)
• Natural foods advisor (5 years)
• Natural foods shopkeeper (2 years)

The therapeutic professional trainings have been recognised by the VNT (Holland)

De Internationale Shiatsu School België
The International School of Shiatsu Belgium

The I.S.S. is part of an educative organisation with seven schools in Europe and the U.S.A.

• We organize basic introductory courses shiatsu and a professional training (4 levels) ‘shiatsu therapist’
Courses are given throughout Belgium (and Asten, Eindhoven in Holland) in cities such as Antwerp, Brussels, Hasselt and Turnhout.
Lessons are given evenings, during the day, during the weekend and in an intensive summer course.
See the website: www.issshiatsu.be and click ‘Summer Courses’.
Recognised by the Belgian Shiatsu Federation- BSF.

Okido Yoga lessons and training in Corrective Excercises (‘Shusei Taiso’), Eastern Diagnosis and Oriental Medicine.

• Every year we organize Intensive Summer Courses in Antwerp: from one day to three weeks on different subjects and a great Summer Party! International teachers, a great atmosphere, a place to meet, study and relax near the beautiful Schelde River.

More info: www.issshiatsu.be; e mail: info@issshiatsu.be

De Natuurlijke Kookschool
The Natural Cooking School

• We organize cooking classes (macrobiotic and vegetarian), workshops, and a Professional Cooking Training (weekends and full weeks in the summer).
We organize specific studies for advanced students on medicinal cooking and cooking with the 5-Transformations.

‘A Way to Health’: intensive study for beginners, lessons, yoga, shiatsu etc.

Private cooking lessons, after a personal consultation

Macrobiotic studies: yin/yang philosophy, food and education.

Advising companies, schools and communities.

More info: www.denatuurlijkekookschool.be; e mail: info@denatuurlijkekookschool.be